Welcome on Mandriva git repositories

You can clone projects anonymously with :

git clone git://git.mandriva.com/repo.git

If you have an authorized access you can clone via ssh :

git clone git@git.mandriva.com:repo (whitout .git suffix)


Project Description Owner Last Change
labs/dudf.git Distribution Upgradeability... git repository hosting 2 years ago
mbs/drakx.git Drakx MBS Team 10 months ago
mbs/kernel-project.git MBS kernel project MBS Team 4 weeks ago
soft/bootsplash.git Boot & session Mandriva theme fbui 4 years ago
soft/dkms/overlayfs.git DKMS for overlayfs fbui 2 years ago
soft/livecd.git Livecd tools eugeni 3 years ago
soft/mmc-check-password.git OpenLDAP plugin for password... git repository hosting 2 years ago
soft/mmc.git Mandriva Management Console... git repository hosting 3 days ago
soft/mss.git Mandriva Server Setup MBS Team 40 hours ago
soft/pulse2-secure-agent.git OpenSSH agent for Pulse 2 git repository hosting 6 months ago
soft/repsys.git Repsys tool bogdano 3 years ago
users/aeiche/pulse2-openindiana.git A Pulse2 Solaris port to estim... aeiche 20 months ago
users/alissy/callgraph.git Perl analyzer of objdump ... alissy 18 months ago
users/alissy/distromatch.git Distromatch with Mandriva... alissy 2 years ago
users/alissy/gitrpm.git Makefile helper to ease produc... alissy 2 years ago
users/alissy/gnome-power-manager.git GNOME Power Manager with Hybri... alissy 3 years ago
users/alissy/iurt.git Iurt with changes. alissy 2 years ago
users/alissy/jurt-useless-buildrequires.git Using Jurt's logs to analyze... alissy 2 years ago
users/alissy/jurt.git Jurt with BuildRequires checki... alissy 2 years ago
users/alissy/kde-workspace.git HybridSuspend support in KDE alissy 3 years ago
users/alissy/kdelibs.git KDE Libs/Solid support for... alissy 3 years ago
users/alissy/linuxfaults.git Python and SQLite tools to... alissy 3 years ago
users/alissy/mdvcoinst.git Coinst wrapper for Mandriva alissy 2 years ago
users/alissy/oqp.git OpenQualityPlatform alissy 19 months ago
users/alissy/python-qt-melt-probe.git A Python/Qt4 probe interface... alissy 23 months ago
users/alissy/rebuildep.git alissy 2 years ago
users/alissy/talpo-tests.git Test suite using Talpo and... alissy 3 years ago
users/alissy/upower.git UPower with Hybrid suspend... alissy 3 years ago
users/fbui/bootstrap.git Unnamed repository; edit this... fbui 2 years ago
users/fbui/config-samples.git A collection of configuration... fbui 3 years ago
users/fbui/image-maker.git A simple tool to create disk... fbui 10 months ago
users/fbui/installer.git Unnamed repository; edit this... fbui 3 days ago
users/fbui/kdist.git A tool to maintain kernel... fbui 2 years ago
users/fbui/kernel-configs.git Configuration files for Mandri... fbui 4 weeks ago
users/fbui/kernel-mdv.git Kernel with Mandriva's fixes... fbui 4 weeks ago
users/fbui/kernel-packaging.git Specific changes to kdist... fbui 2 years ago
users/fbui/kernel-releases.git Unnamed repository; edit this... fbui 2 years ago
users/fbui/risoto.git A release ISO creator fbui 3 months ago
users/fbui/solen-scripts.git Unnamed repository; edit this... fbui 15 months ago
users/pcpa/minilauncher.git Unnamed repository; edit this... pcpa 2 years ago
web/blog.git Mandriva wordpress blog jpbraun 7 months ago
web/bugzilla.git qa.mandriva.com Bugzilla jpbraun 5 days ago
web/forum.git Mandriva phpBB forums jpbraun 2 years ago